Radio Microphone

What We Do:

Choosing Radio Personality Endorsements as the canvass
on which to paint a client's advertising is just the first step
of the process.

First Person Radio will use our expertise to:

1) Conduct an in depth interview with you, the client, to
determine what you want to accomplish and what you can

2) Choose the proper radio station and personality to match your product or service.

3) Negotiate talent fees with the Radio Personalities - it is easy to pay too much, and also a mistake to pay too little.

4) Negotiate rate and schedule with the radio station.

5) Train the radio personality to become a SALESPERSON for your product.

6) Monitor the campaign week to week to assure personalities are doing the most effective job possible of selling your product.

7) Measure results from client feedback and make campaign corrections.

8) Assist client's staff in tracking and measuring results.

To learn more about how First Person Radio's services and experience can help you, contact us here!